6 Reasons Your Small Business Should Sell Gift Certificates

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There is a growing trend of people wanting to give gift certificates. Last year, businesses sold 23 billions worth of gift cards in the United States alone. What about your business? Have you sold any? If you don’t yet offer gift certificates for your customers, you may be missing out on very profitable sales opportunities.

  1. Opportunity to make more sales

    Big chains make billions of dollars every year by selling gift certificates. The good news is, small businesses can also benefit from selling gift certificates. Indeed, by selling gift certificates, you will add a new sales channel, and this could boost your sales significantly. Massage therapists, spa centers or dance schools would benefit from it. But so would martial art schools, wedding stores, restaurants and countless other businesses.

  2. Getting referred to new potential customers

    The best part of a gift certificate is that, in addition of being a gift to the recipient, it’s also a gift for your business. It allows your business to get referred to by a friend or relative of a potential customer, for free. Actually you are getting paid for it. That means that you could get new customers that you would not have been able to reach otherwise. The person buying the gift certificate is actually vouching for your business, basically stating they trust your business to provide quality products and services.

  3. Helping customers to find a gift

    As you may already have noticed, people are often at a loss to find gifts for their friends and relatives. If you can help your customers in finding a suitable gift, they will be happy that you relieved them of the stress of having to think too much. In that respect, a gift certificate is perfect, as it already says it is intended to be a gift. So the customer doesn’t have to think too much about whether this would make a good gift or not. This is especially true for service businesses, since then people don’t have the hassle to find out whether the person already owns a given product.

  4. Free marketing tool

    A gift certificate program has a powerful marketing power. It allows people that trust your brand to promote it to their friends. This is very beneficial for your branding, generating positive word-of-mouth around town. This is one of the best ways you could use marketing to push your business forward. And as we noted it earlier but it is worth repeating, it is not only free but you’re getting paid for it.

  5. Giving gift certificates to show appreciation to your loyal customers

    In addition of selling gift certificates, you can also use gift certificates to reward loyal customers. By giving gift certificates to loyal customers, you’re telling them that they’re important to you and that you want to show it to them. This will increase their loyalty to your business, making it more likely for them to come back for more, and referring your business to their friends.

  6. Giving gift certificates to fix a mistake

    If you make a mistake in your business towards a customer and you want to say that you’re sorry, you could give a gift certificate to show that you really mean they’re important to you. This will also improve customer loyalty, and people will tell their friends how great and helpful your business is.

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