6 Top Reasons To Use Gift Certificate Templates

Posted on March 30, 2011 by

If you want to make your own gift certificate, you have the choice between 2 options:

  • using a template
  • making a gift certificate from scratch
  1. Save money

    You may have to pay for the templates, but spending a few dollars for a professional gift certificate template is still way cheaper than hiring a designer. You will save big bucks by using a template. Yes, you might do it yourself, but except if you have great design skills, this might not be the best use of your time. That brings us to the second point.

  2. Save time

    Using a gift certificate template will get you a printed gift certificate in a matter of minutes. Compare that with using Photoshop or another design software if you want to make a gift certificate from scratch. Except if you have great design skills, you will spend multiple hours getting a good theme matching your business, aligning things together, and making sure everything looks all right. Even if you have good design skills, the quality of the certificate will probably still be inferior to a professional gift certificate design.

  3. Customize it easily

    You can customize additional information by simply pointing, clicking and typing. It should not take you more than a minute to fill entirely a gift certificate form. Plus, if you want to print several gift certificates, you can easily change specific information for each certificate (for example, recipient’s name and purchaser’s name).

  4. No software to install

    One big advantage of using a website hosting gift certificate templates is that you don’t have anything to install or configure. Just go to the website, select a template, customize it and print it. No software to download, no complicated menus to navigate, no problems to choose fonts… All these problems have already been thought of and taken care of. Relax and focus on getting the gift certificate of your choice printed.

  5. Ready to Print

    The only things you need is paper and ink for your printer. Well, actually, it’s not even necessary. You could even save the gift certificate as a PDF file on your computer or a USB key, and bring it to the local printer shop. They will take care of the printing and you’ll have a professional gift certificate on quality paper that your customers could not help but notice in your shop.

  6. Branding: match the gift certificate with your business

    It’s important for your branding that the gift certificate matches what your business does, or alternatively, that it matches the occasion: so for your spa gift certificate, you might want a spa themed gift certificate. If you’re selling gift certificate for valentine’s day, then you might want a valentine’s day gift certificate. When selecting a gift certificate template online, make sure that the theme of the gift certificate is a good match. Fortunately, template sites have a wide selection of templates, so you should find what you’re looking for!

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