Gift Certificate Factory Redesign

Posted on May 28, 2011 by

The website has been redesigned.

You now have the choice for 15 gift certificate templates in 9 different categories:

Creating a gift certificate should now be easier, and we added additional tips on each gift certificate editing page, such as which paper and printer to use, or how to use gift card envelopes to enhance the gift certificates. We’ve also linked a few helpful blog posts from the template editing page, that help with how to choose wording or how to create gift certificates.

We’ve also rolled out an experimental feature, in which you can visualize which gift certificates you’ve seen recently, in case you feel like editing another certificate.

We have set up facebook and twitter integration on the home page, in case you’ve missed it:

  • Gift Certificate Factory facebook page –
  • Gift Certificate Factory Twitter page –
  • RSS feed, to receive all new blog posts in your browser.

In case you have a question or you have an idea that would make the website better, don’t hesitate to write to