Gift Certificate Formats: Overview

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Gift Certificate Factory provides gift certificate templates that you can print and sell to your customers. Check out our gift certificate template gallery.

Is there a regular gift certificate format?

Even though there’s not really a one-size-fits-all for gift certificates, the most common format you will find is 8? x 4? (8 by 4 inches). If you design your own gift certificate, it is also the most convenient since you can use standard 8? x 12? paper and create two certificate from one sheet of paper.

Other formats

  • 5 1/2? X 4?
  • 9 1/8? X 3 1/4?
  • you can of course create your own format, but keep in mind to choose a gift certificate format that is compatible with your paper.

Should you go for a standard gift certificate format?

We think so, since it’s familiar to most consumers. They already know what a gift certificate looks like in other shops, so it’s better for your business to stick to this well-known format. It’s a good thing if your customers recognize immediately that the paper they’re looking at is a gift certificate. Nevertheless, if your shop’s signature is originality above all, you might try some more exotic formats. In the end, it all depends on your customers expectations. If you run a car repair shop, go for the standard gift certificate format. If you sell original jewelry, you can try to experiment with different formats.

How to choose the right gift certificate paper?

We wrote an article on choosing the right gift certificate paper. In short, you should pay attention to paper weight, opacity and paper finish. And you should keep in mind that paper quality is very important to convey the desirability of your gift certificates.


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