Gift Certificate Interface Change

Posted on June 18, 2011 by

Gift Certificate Factory provides gift certificate templates that you can easily edit and print. Check out our gift certificate template gallery.

We’ve been busy trying to improve how you can create, download and print a gift certificate. Before, the way to edit a gift certificate was to point and click directly on the certificate. However, as we want to increase the gift certificate size in order to improve printing quality, we changed this. You can now edit the gift certificate on a regular form on the left of the gift certificate, and the gift certificate will be updated as soon as you stop typing.

We’ve also rethought how you can print and download certificates. We’re happy to announce that we are now partners with – , which means we’re working on integrating our gift certificate templates with their printing facilities. That means, you’ll be able soon to select and edit one of our custom gift certificates, and have it printed and delivered to you by ordering your prints at! Right now, we don’t have any gift certificate compatible with 123Print, but we plan on making all gift certificates compatible in 1 month. We created an instruction page aboutgift certificate printing that you can already check out to have an idea about the process.

If you’ve tried to print our gift certificates before, you should make sure to check out our new certificates as they will be of much higher quality. So you’ll soon be able to impress your customers or loved ones with elegant gift certificates. You can subscribe to the Gift Certificate Factory blog here.


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