How To Make a Custom Salon Gift Certificate

Posted on May 31, 2011 by

Gift Certificate Factory provides custom gift certificates that you can easily edit and print. Check out our salon gift certificate templates.

Salon gift certificates are a great gift idea for a person who has everything, or when you’re on a budget and want to give a personal present. Rather than simply writing the gift of a salon visit inside a card or telling the recipient, create a homemade gift certificate you can include in a card or wrap as a present. Follow the guidelines provided in this article to make a custom gift certificate.

  1. Use online templates. You can find beautiful ready-templates to make your custom gift voucher. You can find a selection of salon gift certificate templates on this website, but if that’s not enough for you, feel free to type “salon gift certificate templates” in Google: you’ll find a few more templates. In case you have some time and some design skills, you can do it all by yourself though. In any case, your gift certificate should at least have a few elements that one expects to find in a gift certificate.
  2. Personalize your gift certificate. After finding a good certificate template, you can personalize it by including a few common elements:
    • Your name or the name of your company
    • the recipient’s name
    • if appropriate, the certificate value or service provided.

    If you’re making a certificate for your salon business, you might consider adding a certificate serial number to your certificate: it helps to keep track of gift certificates and fight against fraud. That way you know that when a certificate is redeemed it’s a legit one and you can evaluate how many certificates have been redeemed so far in your gift certificate campaign. Of course, if you’re only making a certificate for a loved one, you don’t really need to track gift certificates!

  3. Print your gift certificate. If you have followed the steps until here, you should now have a printable salon gift certificate. Now you just have to print it! Consider a few pieces of advice:
    • Use a laser photo printer to ensure maximal color quality.
    • Use a photo paper to make sure this custom gift certificate looks real good.
    • Use a sharp paper cutter or alternatively, scissors to cut the paper nicely and give it a nice finish.


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