How to Make a Custom Spa Gift Certificate

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Gift Certificate Factory provides custom gift certificates that you can print and sell to your customers. Check out our spa gift certificate templates.

Gift certificates are a great way for your spa business to get more sales and spread positive word of mouth. You can get started by making a few gift certificates and promoting them in your store.

  • The easy way to make custom spa gift certificates is to make certificates from online templates. Gift Certificate Factory provides a selection of gift certificate templates for spa and if that’s not enough, you can also find other templates on the web by typing “spa gift certificate template” in Google.
  • The hard way is to make the gift certificates yourself using design software like Photoshop for example.

In any case, your gift certificate should convey the qualities that people are looking for when giving a spa voucher to a loved one: comfort, relaxation, pampering should exude from the design.

Customize the gift certificate

Once you’ve found a suitable gift certificate template, you can customize it by writing the recipient’s name, the name of your company and the certificate value. Most certificates also have a certificate number associated, which is important for several reasons, among them keeping track of gift certificates and fighting against fraud. That way you know that when a certificate is redeemed it’s a legit one and you can evaluate how many certificates are redeemed so far in your gift certificate campaign.

Print the gift certificate

At this point, you could also download the gift certificate on your computer if you want to archive it or print later. However, you can also just print it now. There’s a built-in print functionality on the website, so that you can just click on the template, configure your print preferences (such as paper type) and off you go! Just make sure you have enough paper and ink. You may want to use a sharp paper cutter or alternatively, scissors to cut the paper.

A few other tips for your spa business

  • You should place all gift certificate designs on a highly visible, easily accessible, well-organized page on your website, as well as on your confirmations and receipts, which will appeal to impulse purchasers. Big stores all have their gift cards at that location, that’s because it works.
  • Gift certificates are usually given for special occasions: birthday, christmas, graduation etc. Make sure that you have a wide array of gift certificates so that you can accommodate all gifting desires.
  • Since a spa gift certificate is often seen as premium gift, you can capitalize on that by offering metal tins, boxes and die-cut envelopes for a distinctive touch. That’s also an easy way to bring in more sales for your shop.


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